A Tale of Dice

A long time ago in 1575, after the people of Leiden became independent, our hero Willem van Oranje gave us our very own University. And exactly 444 years later, a group of idiots who attend(ed) that University would come together to create A Tale of Dice. They came from all across the land to enhance their intellect but as your student years should also be years full of freedom, they all signed up to one of the sororities/fraternities: Catena (yeah, this one is co-ed). Here they found in each other, like-minded loving nerds who would actually show up to the table each week to nerd out and BOOM; they've been playing tabletop rpg's with eachother for over 5 years now!


Our first and foremost player, well at least alphabetically, is Charlie! The man is surely ready to play as he already has some history in acting. Next to that, he also has experience as a musician. That's also were his foremost passion lies; singing. But don't worry, tabletop RPGs come in a close second. He does have his imperfections though. He has a history in Applied Psychology but isn't really using it. Some physical issues prevent him from spending all of his time at work. But hey, that only gives him more time to spend on the finer things in life, like friends and music. The man is truly maximizing his happiness, which might come as a surprise as Grakal, the red tribal Dragonborn he plays, is the exact opposite. When Charlie steps up to the table, it's like he's a completely different person, and it's awesome to watch!


Ah Christel, the lovely lady of the group. This girl got into fantasy and roleplaying via Harry Potter and still adores Rowling's work with a fiery passion. Next to that, she's also a massive Disney fan; even more so than other girls. So please, don't get her started about Kingdom Hearts, we don't have all day... At the table, her own chaotic nature often pulls her into the roles of Elven characters, as you will see with Hannah as well. Speaking of roleplaying, I think she got even more intense into that stuff than the rest of us; because with her studies in Arts Therapy, which focuses on Speech and Theater, Christel actually used tabletop rpg's as a therapy form! So I say, let's join her at the table and all improve our mental health.


Our man Max! The player behind Allisôn Artano and the mastermind behind the idea of starting this livestream. A soft-hearted geek that loves being around other people and therefore keeps putting himself in social environments. Though you might mistake him for a Vulcan sometimes, as he prefers a more logical and rational way of looking at problems most of the time. When you can't find him at a table playing a tabletop rpg, he's probably hanging out with some friends or making sure this whole show stays on the road. And I do believe he's also still studying psychology? But I mean, what's more important: getting your education or doing this awesome show!?


We also got another Max, Maxime: the one who plays Iro Dornbeag. A cultural anthropology student who has way too many hobbies for the amount of time he has. This often results in a uhm "decrease of punctuality" but we still love him nonetheless. He's a jolly, convivial fellow with somewhat of a beard and a love for chocolate and BBQ. Oh, and music! He plays quite a lot of instruments, from guitar to ukelele and from bass to banjo. Oh, and he likes to cook and makes his own booze on his private youtube channel Dormdrinks. AND he also writes, acts and does improv. Did I mention he has too many hobbies...?


Last but certainly not least, Wouter, the Dungeon or Game Master of the group. He only has two tasks really: 1. Create the entire world with all people, monsters and adventures in it for our players to interact with and 2. Know all the rules of this brand new system and enforce them fairly. No biggy. At least it helps that he studied psychology so he can manage all those different voices in his head. He loves to talk (a lot) and he loves to dance, so you can expect long narrations and wild arm movements during each session. And this man is in love with epic moments. Like in The Lord of the Rings, when the Rohirrim charge? Yeah, that's when he cries. So you better believe he'll push those moments into the game!